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Realwheels Car Rental Davao  

Cargo Delivery

Cargo delivery services offered by RealWheels Rent-A-Car Davao is reliable, fast and trustworthy. We provide and select the optimal delivery routes, coordinate all stages of delivery and transport cargo in a timely manner. Our services include door-to-door pickup and deliver, repeating / scheduled delivery and single/multi-point delivery. We cater deliveries in Metro-Davao and in any point in Mindanao at an affordable price. Our logistics service is reliable and affordable for business and personal needs. Car rental vehicles used for cargo transport varies from SUV, MPV and Van.

Door to Door Delivery Service

Door to door pickup and delivery

Avoid the hassle and have your cargo pickup or delivered at your doorstep. With our door to door pickup and delivery service, we arrange to pickup cargo package and have it deliver to you. Likewise, we can pickup items from you and deliver to your desired location.

Schedule Delivery Service

Scheduled delivery

Our logistics service offers scheduled delivery based on your needs. We can schedule a repeating delivery which can be weekly or monthly basis. Avail our scheduled delivery service and enjoy an exclusive rate.

Logistics Cargo Service

Precious cargo delivery in luxurious vehicle

Our vehicles are capable of handling variety of cargo types such as machinery, equipment, food products, domestic products, household appliances and electronics. We will handle your precious cargo delivery in luxurious vehicle with extra care and deliver to the destination in perfect condition. We can also hire additional helpers to assist you in handling the cargo for a minimal cost.

Exclusive Cargo Delivery

Exclusive cargo delivery service

Our cargo transport service will prioritize the safety and security of your items. We find the best routes and deliver will your cargo package on time. Moreover, we will provide an exclusive vehicle to transport your cargo packages. Our exclusive cargo delivery service vehicles are SUV, MPV and Van.

Mindanao Cargo Delivery Service

Metro Davao and to any point in Mindanao

Our cargo transport service is available for business and personal needs within Metro Davao and to any point in Mindanao. We can arrange deliveries from a pickup point to a single destination or multi-point deliveries.

See our list of available vehicles.

mpv/suv cargo services

SUV / MPV P 1,800

  • Starting Price within Davao City
  • Maximum Cargo Size: 2.5ft x 2ft x 2.5 ft
  • Maximum Cargo Capacity: 600kg
  • Up to 6 Hours Overtime ( 150 per hour)
  • Addition 400 per Day per Helper
  • Driver and Fuel Included
mpv/suv cargo services

Van P 2,800

  • Starting Price within Davao City
  • Maximum Cargo Size: 7ft x 4 ft x 4ft
  • Maximum Cargo Capacity: 1000kg
  • Up to 6 Hours Overtime ( 150 per hour)
  • Addition 400 per Day per Helper
  • Driver and Fuel Included

Benefit of Cargo Service

Cargo Services have changed companies and people transport goods and items in the country. It made deliveries of items more accessible. For businesses, using a cargo service can reduce the cost of acquiring a company delivery and hiring additional drivers and helpers to perform the delivery. Also, additional maintenance and monitoring of the cargo can also be a burden to the company. On the other hand, availing a cargo service can simplify the delivery process of the items by using the existing monitoring systems setup by the cargo service providers. With our services, businesses can focus on their own process and leave the delivery to the cargo service providers. 

cargo delivery tracking

With the rise of online shopping platforms and having the option to deliver items to your door steps, there is also an increase of demand for the cargo services.Moreover, online shop owners who have a physical store and those who work from their homes greatly benefit from the convenience of the cargo service. They can drop the clients orders at the nearest delivery office/stores and within a few days the client can receive the package. Also, online payments and Cash-On-delivery options also made it easy to process transactions for both buyers and sellers. Thus, this made cargo services play an important role in every business process.

Real Wheels Car Rental Davao

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