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Realwheels Car Rental Davao  

Why book with RealWheels Car Rentals

Why book with Real Wheels Car Rentals

Aug 25,2020

Real Wheels Davao is one of the most reliable rent-a-car company in Davao. With the support of modern Information systems, your booking and reservations will always be in place. Keeping in their mind that clean and reliable car for rent is a must, they always keep their fleets for car rental well maintained by reputable service centers. You will also find kind and courteous staffs and drivers that will guide you throughout your journey. With Real Wheels, you can have something you can depend with full trust. Keep safe. Book with Real Wheels Davao. And be in good hands.


Convenience comes with a cost. With car rental services, cost is equated against time, comfort and convenience. It’s a personal assessment whether the amount of money is worth the value of service. To understand it well, below is the benefits of the car rental services.

Time - you get to use your time very well. Full control of your time. No waiting for taxi. No que during rush hours. You roam around to best possible routes.

Comfort - expected to be higher quality than of public vehicle. Clean and fresh and more relaxed travel. picture

Convenience - pre-arrange vehicles for airport transfers, business meetings, out of town trips and family or group tours. Easy, manageable and full control. picture

For a day of productive time, convenience, relaxed and comfort, the service should be valuable more than the amount.

Car rental With Driver / Chauffeur

One option for car rental is with driver/chauffeur. It will be very convenient since the driver has more knowledge of the directions to the destinations you wish to visit. Either it is for City Tour or Out of town trip, with driver/chauffeur vehicle rental remains as best option for more relax travel.

Self-Drive Car Rentals

Another option for renting a vehicle is Self-drive. You will drive the vehicle yourself and have a more private travel around the city at your own time and convenience. For booking and reservation, the following documents will be needed ( email scanned copies to )

  1. ) Valid Driver's License
  2. ) At least two(2) Valid IDs ( Government issued IDs )
  3. ) Proof of residence ( for renter's residing in Philippines )
  4. ) Rental contract / Hotel Booking/reservation ( for renter's residing outside Philippines )
for self-drive option, vehicles are limited to the following types: SUV and Sedans